Good morning Emmett, you have done such a great job on these that I can't choose. I'd like to purchase all three. I'm sure with multiple marketing venues they'll be utilized. I honestly can't thank you enough!!! You make miracles happen!! Valerie Forese 

Emmet, Not only am I completely happy with my headshots, but I promoted your work in Ken Kays class and have posted your name with four headshots on FB with the suggestion that if anyone needs portraits to IM me for your email. The response has been completely and overwhelmingly positive! If I can squeeze in ANOTHER session, (beardless) early next week I will let you know. I'm flying up to NYC a week from tomorrow. Once again, you were great. If you desire any form of promotion or declaration I can offer to help don't hesitate to ask. Thanks, Richard Bey

Robert is the professional you want to work with. He’s prepared, timely and fun to laugh with. I highly recommend him for anything photography-related. My new headshots have landed me 2 lead roles this year alone.
- Holly D
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